Create New Wallet

Create New Wallet #

You probably have a wallet if you’ve already used the Cake Wallet app. But, if you would like to add a new wallet:

Step 1 #

Go to the menu at the top-right. Tap on “Wallets”, then tap “Create New Wallet” at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2 #

Choose wallet type: Monero or Bitcoin (Electrum) and wait for your wallet to be created. We generate a wallet name automatically. On the next page, you will see your seed. Always remember to write down your seed phrase when you create a new Cake Wallet! This part is very important. The seed is the only way to recover your wallet. Please write down your seed on paper; not in a text file or on a WiFi-connected device. Once your seed is stored in a safe place, tap “Next” and you will be taken to your wallet’s balance screen. Wait until the wallet is fully synchronized, and add some funds to your newly created Cake Wallet!